A breeder's philosophy on how they rear their puppies say a lot about how their dogs turn out. Even a pet dog, not raised for show or work, should be set up to succeed in family life. A quality breeder will take early development seriously. Studies have shown, the first 8-12 weeks shape how your dog will develop into adult-hood. Most of which- this time is spent in the breeder's home! 

​  At Stabbathaus, we want all of our dogs to succeed and have a better chance at life outside our facilities! Whether the dog is going to be a hiking buddy, kids' dog, or Police K9, the 8 weeks our puppies are with us is an opportunity to rear them the best way possible.  This is why we have chosen to raise our German Shepherds with the Puppy Culture.

What is the Puppy Culture?  The Puppy Culture is a set of step-by-step instructions on how to raise a happy, stable, socially successful, and trainable dog. It provides in depth information from a leading team of veterinarians, behaviorists, and experienced breeders. The Puppy Culture includes early neurological stimulation, building emotional resiliency, potty training, problem prevention, and lots more! It is a tool that helps breeders raise well-socialized puppies with the fundamental skills to easily adjust & take their place in their homes. 


Benefits of raising with the Puppy Culture:
Puppies have
-Stronger heart beats
-Stronger heart rates
​-Faster adrenaline system
-More resistance to disease
-Greater tolerance to stress
-Bigger brains
-They're easier to train
-Not likely to develop fear aggression 
-More stable and accepting of new things

Some of the things we teach with "The Puppy Culture":
-Potty training & Crate Conditioning
-Preventing possessiveness over food, toys, and bones. 
-Leash training and socialization.
​-Positive reinforcement (Clicker reward)
-Separation from siblings and mother.
-Manding (asking for something by sitting). This prevents jumping and allows your puppy to communicate with you. 

Check out the Puppy Culture HERE

Please CLICK these Pictures for live info on what we do with our Stabbathaus puppies!

Crate Conditioning
Introduction to Cats
Leash Manners 101
Mind Game
The Nose knows
Sprinkler Time
Child Proof
Pool Party
Flirt Pole Fun
Puppy napping while we vacuum
B Litter Puppies 'Manding'
Litter Training
New Born C Litter

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